i am in brasil :)

I am in campo grande brasil, in a house of some very nice brothers. And i met my friend Alvaro again, so i am really happy.

we talked with some artesano family in a plaza. there are some guys who travel like this, selling their handicraft, doing autostop.

I had 72 days without diarrhea!! This is a record if u have heard stories of travelers, everyone gets somethings. I was very proud of me, but finally succumbed to the law of traveling. At first i was laughing crazy from the fever but soon it was not so funny, i was with high fever all nigh long. The only luck in my unluckiness was Alvaro, he took care of me all night long. I thank him so much.


Campo Grande is really city, there is nothing to see more or less

there are big trees

we played billiard

It is very hot, i cant wait to lye on the beach of rio...

The train trip from Santa Cruz was nice. 18hours. I hadnt told u before about the endless food and drink sellers in Bolivia on the  buses and trains. IN a few hours you can eat a complete lunch, drink coffee, some Asadito (fried meat), drink lemonade or tea and many things more. I loved it. They get on at the stations, sometimes whole families (the mother cooks, and the children sell) and like some mantra they are shouting "asadito asadito", "limonada limonada"; And they walk fas back and forth to attend everyone.

asadito yummy

it was jungle, with many insects flying around
and white cows


actually in the evening so many insects entered that they switched off the light... so we slept...

The border was terrible, the worst organized ever. First of all, i had to go to corumba, the city to the immigration office, it is not at the border. So actually u can enter in Brazil without anyone taking notice of it, only that later you might pay a fine if you dont have the entry stamp (here you always get these entry stamps, and to make things worse, you have to keep a little paper with you, if you lose it, you pay at the exit). I finally found the office and then i got really angry coz i had to make the queue 2 times. one time so they give me that little paper to fill out in one minute and again to hand over that paper, it is crazy!! Actually, there were many bolivians who werent let in.;.. just like that, they decided after one minute that they cannot... I was quite shocked..

Oh, In santa cruz the soil is so fertile that  if you just throw a seed in the garden, it will grow. Carolly planted this palta (avocado) in their garden 10 years ago;

see you in rio


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