Campo Grande a little more

I told you there is not much to do there. Here in Rio they ask me all the time why the hell i stopped there. On my last day there we went to the parque de los indigenos, which they say that is one of the largest urban parks in the world. There was also an indigenous museum, telling the story and traditions of various indigenous groups in Brazil.
i have seen capybaras finally!!! they are huge!!! they are the biggest rodents, and they are sweet and big.


Campo Grande is supposed to be almoast without favelas (slums) and the local gobernement has many urban projects in the favelas. Sounds great, i dont know how much is true.

the traditional food in campo grande is soba. yes u guessed right, soba is japanese but since they have a big japanese community, they reinveted this food...


good bue hugo and edson squeezing me

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