Rio de janeiro Sunsets

I love that city

I fell in love with the beach, ipanema, with the ocean. The ocean is bigger then the sea and u can feel this... Iwatched the sunset everyday... I dont remember the last time i watched so many sunsets, that i adjust  my schedule to it... Maybe this is the spiritual peace i reached, maybe it is just so simple. I am in the end of my travel and i am only lying on the beach and reading. And i am happy and relaxed. 


I didnt get to any big conclusions about my life but i feel like i dont need anything else. I am grateful to life (and the people who helped me to realise this travel) to have been able to live this experience. I am happy i dared to travel alone because it was the most beautiful time. And i am happy i could meet my old friends in the first month.


I learned to stay alone and enjoy my company, i learnt to arrive to a city late at night and not be afraid, i learnt to fall in coma in the 30 hour bus rides. I learnt to engage in conversations with any kind of people. I didnt learn too much portuguese but i learnt to make myself understood with a few words of portunol (portunol is when u speak spanish and u try to speak portoguese by randomly converting the words). I met wonderful people.

I learnt to be a guest in couchsurfing in different homes. To accept the food they give me, and the food they dont. In rio i stayed at Miguels house and rather then couchsurfing we did sicksurfing. I arrived ill (the diarrea stroke back) and was bad for two days. On the second night i had to go to a hostal coz there was no water. The third night MIguel fell terribly ill. So i couldnt share so much time with him unfortunatly.

Then i went to Paulas house. Paula is a woman with a son, and she has had boyfriends form all around the world. She was amazin. We did the 3 Bs: beach bars and bed. I needed badly a girly night and we had it: talking about boys and the difficulties of distant relationships. Actually many people i have met in my travel have had a love from europe - how on earth they do it? I mean that is reaaaaaly distance...

I also met vinicius. Look, this is couchsurfing: i needed badly to change my peruvian currency, 100 soles. The banks and exchange offices were just looking at me with pity: pooor girl, what does she pretend? I mean, it is a neighbouring country, i wasnt thinking it would be impossible to change the money. Actually MIguel told me Brazil feels lie not having neighbours, they dont speak spanish, everything is on the coast and then there is the amazonas and they dont what war is. The only country here which gained indipendence without bloodshed.


Vinicius took me to his hometown, Niteroi, on the opposite side of the bay of rio. There is the best view of rio, with the sugarloaf

and the christ. We also went to a fishmarket where u can get cooked what u freshly buy!

 There is also in Niteroi the museum by oscar niemeyer, the greatest brasilian arquitect

If id hadnt been for him, io would have been only the beach of ipanema during my rio stay. With him i went to the center and 3 art galleries. I wanted to meet the Christ but to go up cost 25 dollars so i said Ciao and hurried to the beach.

there are great graffities

coconut water, there are two kinds of coco. The brown famous one, with the yummy stuff to eat. This is the reen one with a lot of liquid inside.


I am in Salvador now, but i miss rios beaches, they were too beautiful.

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